Abraham Lincoln

We need an army...

We need an army of solidly-grounded Christians that will make a commitment to simply work in their precinct, encourage their neighbors to register and vote, and inform them of which candidates have taken a pledge to stand on biblical values. This can only be accomplished if you invite your friends and acquaintances—who are concerned with the direction in which our country is going—to join this volunteer army and ask them to do the same.

Reclaim America for Christ

We believe that, if one state will be bold enough to stand on the Constitution and biblical principles, others will follow—and we believe the only state that can do this is Florida.
Florida must reestablish a culture based on state sovereignty as defined in the Constitution and stop recognizing Washington’s unconstitutional abuse of power. The national government has no constitutional authority to:
Murder the unborn
Contradict God’s natural law on marriage
Impose Obama Care
Demean and attack our Christian faith
Transform us into a socialist state
Control our educational institutions 
Florida can only do this by exercising our right to choose our leaders based on values and character as opposed to continuing to watch the candidates with the most money buy elections.

Protect our liberty

To continue doing the same things, expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Our national government is broken and cannot be fixed. It is futile to continue to pour our resources into Washington while we continue to get the same results—a bigger, more intrusive government that progressively shrinks our personal liberty. We are told the problems are racial (black vs. white), Republican vs. Democrat, and liberal vs. conservative. These are divisive and distracting labels, which are robbing us of our unity and power. The real crisis is tyranny and losing our liberty. 

"We the people..."

These three glorious words of our Constitution set forth the foundation of our Union—its rights and liberties. We the people have too quickly abdicated our responsibility to establish a more perfect Union. Action established this country, and we’re asking you to join with us as “we the people” reestablish the country and ideals that our forefathers once envisioned. 

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